GS2 Awards

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A little more information


 Where are your items produced?

All of our blanks are designed and produced in house in Boulder, CO

How will my products ship/arrive to me?

Currently we bulk wrap our blanks for shipping. By bulk wrapping our blanks we are able to save you money.

Can I get a custom shape made?

Of course you can! We just need vector artwork, and desired quantities to get going.

My customer needs color printed awards, can you help?

Yes we can! We have UV printers in house and offer wholesale printing to help our customers. Please contact us to get started.

Do you offer retail pricing/sales?

We offer our blanks and acrylic sheets as wholesale items only, and will need your resellers information for our records. If you would like to buy retail, we would be more than happy to direct you to one of our resellers.